Project News

Sand Lane Cemetery. 

The work continues on the cemetery, the bench has been refurbished and returned looking like new, a Oak Tree given to the council by Rampton Primary School has been planted and a plaque installed, the cemetery has been in full bloom with the daffodils planted last year, later in the year it is hoped that the YOS will be available to help with a general tidy up.

Graveyard    Maintaining-Graveyard

The Village Green

Work continues on the Village Green, there has been a hive of activity from the YOS, most of the trees in the avenue have been pruned and the suckers removed,a chipper was hired to deal with the large amount of wood that was left turning it into bark chippings.we would like to thank the YOS for all their hard work.

The continuing problem of dog fouling continues the council have issued this statement.

The Village Green is suffering from the results of dog owners refusing to pick up after their pets. The situation is becoming a health hazard, especially for those using grass cutting equipment on the Village Green, which over the last few cuts has had to be steam cleaned to remove dog faeces collected whilst cutting the grass on the This is unfair and dangerous for the operator who has to cut the grass on a regular basis. Dog fouling is consistently one of the highest sources of complaints by the public to MPs Local Councillors and Local Authorities. Estimates put the UK dog population at between six point five million and seven point two million. Producing 1000 tonnes of faeces every day. The above figures may only act as a guide, as they are taken from figures which prompted Government to bring into law the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005, so there has probably been a substantial increase to the present day. West Lindsey District Council are preparing to apply for an order under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 section 59, for a Public Space Protection Order. It will be known as West Lindsey District Council – Dog Fouling Public Space Protection Order 2017. Torksey Parish Council has supported this order. The order covers dog fouling on any land which is open to the air, and to which the public has a right or entitlement of access to, whether paid or unpaid. Fouling must be removed immediately by the person in control of the dog. Dog fouling must be disposed of in a general waste bin or a dog waste bin. A person found to be in breach of the order is liable on summary conviction to a maximum penalty of a level 3 fine or to a fixed penalty notice of £75.00. There are of course a number of health risks associated with dog faeces. The most widely known being Toxocariasis. Human Toxocariasis is potentially a serious infection, which can come from having contact with dog faeces that are carrying the parasite. Infections can last for between six and twenty-four months, and are caught by contact with the dogs themselves, the wheels of prams or the soles of shoes, or directly from faeces left lying in the street or any other public space. Hence the notices in the Play Area banning dogs from the area. Many infections seem to be contracted in children’s play areas, and can be found most commonly in children between eighteen months and five years of age. Eye disorders are most common but aches and pains, dizziness, nausea, asthma and epileptic fits are also quite common. The parasite can also be found in the soil if the faeces have been left for between two or three weeks. Children’s Play Areas are the most common area for the Toxocariasis parasite to be found, hence the notices banning dogs from the Play Fort.