Meeting Dates For Torksey Parish Council
Meeting will be held on: 
Thursday 13th September 2018
Thursday 11th October 2018
Thursday 8th November 2018
Thursday 13th December 2018
         at the Hume Arms, Torksey , starting at 7.30pm

Village Green Pond

    Now that the banks of the pond have begun to settle, with a healthy growth of grass helping to stabilise a rather sandy soil, steps can be taken to further enhance the area.
    Some fish, mainly Carp have been returned to the pond and, if past experiences are anything to go by, should begin to multiply quite nicely. It is planned to add other species of fish, and this will be done as soon as they can be taken from their holding ponds, which at the moment are rather inaccessible due to the very heavy and persistent rain which we have been experiencing making the ground too soft for anything but a tracked vehicle.
    Once restocking has taken place Council will look to install staging, which is designed for wheelchair use, and several permanent pegs around the pond for general use. Some extra planting is needed to further stabilise the banks, and this will take place as the seasons allow. Finally, the pond drain was fitted with an elbow some time ago with the intention of retaining water in the pond, and thus giving the fish a deeper and better environment.
    So far this has been a success, and it is hoped that in this way the water levels during the summer months can be managed without having to resort to pumping water into the pond from the nearby Environment Agency controlled Marton Drain. It does look as though Council will have to apply for an Abstraction Licence, allowing water to be pumped into the pond, water which under these circumstances could be expensive, and even prevented if it is judged that the water could be better used elsewhere. Only time will tell, but so far so good.